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Mapui, a young girl from Mizoram, is torn between being her ordinary self and being Wingstar - a superhero!

Everything changes for Mapui, a regular 13-year-old girl from Mizoram, when she gets a super-suit as a gift from her father. So, what happens when she dons it? She turns into WingStar, a superhero in this gripping audio story!

The suit bestows her with some pretty cool powers - for instance, her jetpack lets her fly and soar through the endless skies, while her strong robotic arms make it a piece of cake for her to lift up to 5000 kilograms! If that wasn't enough, she has iron fists too! - simply put, she can literally punch through bricks without a second thought!

Unfortunately, being a superhero also brings along some unpleasant consequences, primarily the dangerous confrontations with arch villains who threaten the safety of the city, or worse - having to balance homework and sleepovers! Despite all the risks that lie ahead though, Mapui is determined to hold her own and stand up for justice.

Yet before long, Magui begins to ask herself if being a superhero is what she really wants. Should she just hang up her cape and leave it all behind instead? Or must she assume her role as the protector of the city and continue her valiant fight against injustice?

It's a decision that weighs heavily on the shoulders of this young superhero, but WingStar knows that with great power, comes great responsibility.

The story of WingStar inspires children to dream big and to never underestimate the power of courage and compassion. Packed with action, excitement, and valuable life lessons, this captivating tale is ideal for children around the ages of 7-12.

Kids can now follow her on her epic quest as Mapui learns what it truly means to be a hero. In other words, they are definitely up for an unforgettable audio experience on Vobble.

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