Travelling With Kids? Don't Forget To Pack These 9 Things In Your Bags

Travelling With Kids? Don't Forget To Pack These 9 Things In Your Bags

Are you someone who packs everything the day before the trip or do you have to plan everything weeks in advance?

As a parent, you really don't have any choice but to worry about a million things your kids will need months prior to the trip actually. So, here's our way of making things slightly easier for you with this handy list of some items you wouldn't want to forget to pack before you leave for your trip:

1. New Toys

The perfect time to gift a brand-new toy to your kids is when vacations are around the corner, or better yet, on the day you leave for a family trip. There are several kinds of activities or toys your kids will love to use when travelling.

Unfortunately, the novelty in certain toys may sadly wear off within a few weeks; so, buy toys that are multi-functional or time the introduction of these toys wisely. You can also try rotating the supply of existing toys by stashing away toys that are rarely used and reintroducing them after some time, like right before a long trip. Your kid will then have something to be excited about during the journey.

2. Books

Storybooks, sticker books, audiobooks - they are your best bet at keeping your kids engaged while you travel.

3. Headphones

If your kid loves listening to anything, be it stories or music, get their headphones too!

There are audio platforms like Vobble that work through an app and allow kids to listen to stories, shows, podcasts, songs etc. - you will just have to pack the headphones that come with the starter box and you're ready to go!

4. A Camera

Wouldn't it be awesome if your kids were so absorbed by the views around that they forgot to make a fuss about anything else? Well, give them a camera!

There are tons of kid-friendly cameras out there - they are often easy-to-use & durable and can be a perfect addition to their travel pack.

And what's more, you can also come back with a bunch of interesting shots taken from their lens.

5. Neck Pillows

It can be painful to have to sit upright for hours on end when you're sleeping; that's certainly the last thing anyone, let alone a child, will want to deal with during a trip.

So, it's a good thing neck pillows exist, no? They give you that much-needed support you need when you're leaning back against your seats to sleep and will prevent your head from being pushed forward.

6. Eye Masks

Talking about sleep, how can we forget eye masks? Ah, that sweet invention perfect for when you have no control over the lights flowing in and just need a little darkness to drift off into sleep.

Just make sure the mask isn't too tight. Your kids only have to pull it down over their eyes, and voila, they'll be snoozing in no time!

7. Comfort Items

Do your kids have a comfort item? It could be anything - a stuffed animal, a fluffy blankie, or just a favourite book that instantly soothes them, be it when they're getting ready to sleep or when they're feeling low.

If they have one, don't forget to pack it - that is if they haven't packed it already themselves!

8. Travel Journal

Know those cool travel journals where you write about the places you've visited, the people you've met, and all the delicious food you've eaten? You can also stick pictures and tape in souvenirs & keepsakes from all your travels so that you can leaf through those pages one day in the future and relive that day.

Get your kids into the habit of keeping a travel journal from an early age - they'll thank you for that down the road.

9. Travel Bags

Consider getting your kids a small bag that they can use to carry their essentials like their toys, craft kits, water bottles etc. If there's anything kids love, it's being treated like they're old enough to be responsible for their own things. It will also mean that you won't be constantly interrupted whenever they want to play with one of their toys or puzzles, so that's a win-win!

Of course, there are a bunch of other things that kids will need while you're on the go, but these items can be gamechangers and can make your journey infinitely easier. So, get packing already!

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