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Going On A Long Road Trip With Your Child? These 7 Easy Travelling Hacks Will Easily Keep Them Engaged

 Going On A Long Road Trip With Your Child? These 7 Easy Travelling Hacks Will Easily Keep Them Engaged

As a parent, long car rides probably evoke mixed emotions.

While you do have the wind brushing against your face and the allure of the open road in front of you, you are also under some pressure to keep your kids entertained throughout the journey.

Kids are just being kids though - they have loads of energy and easily get restless and bored.

So what can be done? - what are some surefire ways to keep your kids occupied while travelling so that you can think about the wind in your face and the views ahead?

1. Play Travel Bingo!

You probably know this already, but there's a reason why Travel Bingo is so popular.

This game basically involves handing your kids bingo cards with pictures of things, structures, vehicles, landmarks or anything else that they might come across during the journey. They have to cross off anything from their card that they spot on their way until they end up marking all items on their card in a row - vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The first person to achieve this yells out “Bingo!” and wins the game.

It’s exciting because your kids will have something to keep an eye out for and won’t get as easily distracted.

2. Make use of audio content!

Audio stories can be a true lifesaver while travelling. Kids get to pass the time AND expand their knowledge while they’re at it.

Apps like Vobble (for kids aged 4-12) also have podcasts and kid-friendly music to enhance their experience, allowing children to immerse themselves in whole other worlds from the confines of any vehicle they're travelling in, be it a car, flight, train or ship. It can be just the travel buddy your kids need.

3. Give them photographer duties.

Another great way to keep kids busy is by handing them a camera; you’ll see magic happen!

Kids see the world differently, often noticing details that adults might overlook. Hence, this can be an interesting way to figure out what captures their eye and intrigues them. You might even end up with some cherished photos of your trip!

4. Give them a travel journal.

Know what’ll not just keep your kids occupied, but will allow them to revisit their memories after they grow up? A travel journal!

There’s nothing quite like documenting the interesting things you see around you; you can ask your kids to glue in some pictures for visual context too. It can be a good way to increase their awareness of their surroundings.

On top of it, journaling is also known to have immense benefits for kids, like serving as a creative outlet to release stress and express their emotions in a healthy manner.

Even if they're too young, you can encourage them to stick pictures and write just a couple of words that capture their feelings well.

5. Play their favourite songs!

Nothing will ever go wrong when there’s some good music playing. There’s an undeniable sense of intimacy and warmth that comes with singing along to songs together. 

To make your kids feel more involved, put in the effort to incorporate their favourite music as well. Perhaps, make a game out of it and engage in some friendly competition too.

So, if you’re making travel plans, get your playlists ready and prepare to belt out your favourite tunes in the car!

6. Pack a games & craft box.

Want to entertain your kids and develop their motor skills too? Put together a games & crafts pack! It can consist of puzzles, word games, origami sets, mini art kits, and other supplies.

The whole activity of creating can keep them engaged and provide the quiet escape that kids (and you!) need.

7. Take breaks!

Pit-stops are extremely important on every trip! Make sure you plan out stops along the way where everyone can get out for a bit and unwind.

You can also help kids burn some energy by playing a game of catch or just simply walking around with them.

However, make sure you don't stop too many times during summer trips when it's scorching hot outside. Summer travel needs some extra planning - there are plenty of summer travel tips you can follow to have a stress-free vacation with your kids.

And that's it! It's completely normal for kids to get fidgety and bored - it's a natural part of growing up. It's important that we as parents recognise that and redirect that energy towards activities that will benefit their cognitive and social development in the long run.

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