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4 Effective Parenting Strategies for Limiting Kids' Screen Time

4 Effective Parenting Strategies for Limiting Kids' Screen Time

Modern parenting is a whole different ballgame, now that so many digital devices are in the picture.

Distractions are prevalent, and kids are in desperate need for guidance and direction when it comes to handling these new-age technologies.

But firstly, are we equipped to provide them that?

At the outset, it's not easy to expect kids to part with their phones unless we, as parents, are also willing to do the same sometimes. You have to lead by example. And that’s just one part of it.

To get kids to really cut back on their screen time, there are a few measures you can undertake:

1. Have a heart-to-heart conversation

Needless to say, show an active interest in your child's hobbies - talk to them, ask questions, maintain open lines of communication. Getting your kid involved in the conversation tends to work way better than simply imposing rigid restrictions right away.

Do they like playing games? Drawing? Reading books? Have they tried listening to audio stories?

Vobble, for instance, can be a screen-free activity that might pique their interest if they’re into listening to stories over audio. Kids also get activity books along with it to keep them engaged.

Along a similar line, promote more of screen-free activities that provide an enriching alternative to digital entertainment.

2. Create screen-free zones

This can be a lifesaver.

Basically, set aside some areas in your home as places where screens are an absolute no-go. These screen-free zones can be great places to bond over books or crafts or your kids' favourite games without the distraction of screens. If they don't like reading long blocks of text, they can even try listening to audio stories if they want to drift off into a world of adventure. To make this easier, here are some tips on effectively setting up screen-free zones.

3. Showcase healthy screen habits yourself

Kids often learn by watching us and mirroring our behaviours. So, if we're constantly glued to our screens, guess what they'll do? So, let's be on our phones a lot less and spend quality time with our families a lot more. 

Relatedly, schedule regular screen-free hours or weekends where the whole family can disconnect and enjoy each other's company without any intrusion by devices. We assure you, you'll cherish those few hours.

4. Avoid introducing devices without a plan

Most parents have had the temptation to just hand their kids a device when they're too tired or overwhelmed to engage with anyone. In those moments, it's understandable to see it as the easiest solution available to keep their kids occupied.

However, that relief is in most cases, short-lived. Devices are only a quick fix.

Before you introduce any gadgets, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan in place to control screen time and sustain their interest in offline activities.

It's worth exploring alternative strategies that have meaningful benefits for both you and your kids in the long run. This might involve finding creative ways to engage with your children without depending on devices, such as spending that much-needed quality time outdoors, playing silly challenges & interactive games, or simply sitting down and having conversations about their day. You know, it's in the little things sometimes.

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