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Mini's Questions

Mini's Questions
Inspired by her class teacher, Mini starts to raise a series of thought-provoking questions and goes on to discover some pretty fascinating answers, even solving a mystery in the process!

This riveting audio journey through the mind of an inquisitive young girl named Mini will undeniably keep kids hooked.

Mini gives free rein to all her thoughts when spurred by her teacher, Ritu Miss, who urges her students to ask questions about anything and everything. From the moment she wakes up in the morning to the time she drifts off to sleep at night, Mini's mind constantly buzzes with queries about everything that piques her curiosity.

"Why are trees so tall?"

"Why do the roads look like ribbon?"

"Where does everything come from?"

These are questions that continually dominate Mini's thoughts, and as things would go, they also end up keeping her family busy.

Her endless stream of enquiries tire them, but they realise before long that these questions aren't just random thoughts, but an essential part of her learning and understanding of the world.

So even as Mini's questions are considered hard to tackle, it turns out that she has seen and heard things that everyone has missed. In the end, Mini's curiosity goes on to play a vital role in a robbery investigation when she's visiting Chitra Maushi during the holidays! Who would've expected that?

This story, ultimately, aims to emphasise the importance of nurturing curiosity and encouraging children to not lose their sense of wonder.

Our curiosity is strongest as a child. Young kids, particularly between the ages of 4-7 are at a crucial juncture of their lives when they're exploring everything around them and assimilating into their environments.

Stories like these, especially when experienced through audio, galvanise children into developing an eagerness to learn and making sense of the world around them. Mini's Questions, in that regard, is a tale that kids will totally cherish for years to come!

And if your kids are already a fan of Mini, you totally need to check out her other two captivating stories, namely "Mini's Books" and "Mini's Money", available on Vobble!

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