The Jerry Maya Detective Agency

The Jerry Maya Detective Agency
Jerry and Maya are best friends who run a highly successful detective agency together in their spare time. Follow along as they decode who is behind the strange things happening in the town of Valleby.

Strange occurrences plaguing the small town of Valleby? This is where the sleuthing skills of the Jerry Maya Detective Agency come in handy!

Be it daylight robberies or missing dogs, there’s no mystery that Jerry and Maya cannot untangle.

With their keen observational skills and sharp thinking, this duo solves cryptic cases that have even the town's police chief scratching his head. In addition to their razor-sharp minds, they're also super-quick and leave no stone unturned in making sure they get to the bottom of each case that comes their way.

In The Diamond Mystery for instance, listeners are drawn into the compelling audio tale of Jerry and Maya's investigation into a diamond heist that has rocked the town. Meanwhile, The Cafe Mystery delves into the case of a cunning robber who has targeted Cafe Marzipan, Valleby's beloved bakery, thrice in the past year already. And in The Hotel Mystery, the duo is roped in to find a missing dog at the town's prestigious hotel.

In essence, this series of detective stories is flush with a lot of suspense, excitement, and plenty of twists and turns at every end. With each episode, children are launched into a world of mystery, danger, and adventure.

As Jerry and Maya attempt to put two and two together in each case, you are sure to be perched on the edge of your seats throughout, eager to discover the truth!

For young fans of detective thrillers, this audio story promises endless excitement since it's completely tailored for kids aged 6-12. They can put on their detective hats on, crack the most baffling clues, and follow intriguing leads with this duo.

So, gather round and plunge into these utterly captivating detective series for kids - they are perfect for family listening sessions and are also an effortless way to give wings to children's imaginations.

To add, if your child has a taste for some light-hearted detective stories too, you will want to check out the "Defective Detectives" - it is arrestingly good and will also have them laughing till their stomachs hurt!

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