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Ten Heads For Tanuj

Ten Heads For Tanuj
Tanuj's fascination with the legendary story of Ravana takes an unexpected turn when he playfully chants "East or West, Ravana is the Best" before drifting off to sleep and wakes up with nine new heads the next morning!

Nine-year-old Tanuj is enthralled by the legendary story of Ravana and his ten heads. Night after night, Tanuj attentively listens as his mother recites the epic tale. 

However, things take an unexpected twist one fateful evening when he playfully chants "East or West, Ravana is the Best" before falling asleep and wakes up the next morning to find, to his bewilderment, that he has grown nine extra heads overnight!

Before long, Tanuj is forced to grapple with the challenges of daily life with his new appearance as a multi-headed kid. Imagine how exasperating it would be to brush ten sets of teeth or find a bed big enough to fit all your heads! Poor child!

Tanuj also constantly hits into shelves and invites the curious stares of his classmates, not to mention triggering a whirlwind of attention and a total media frenzy over his appearance - hordes of people literally throng to get selfies and autographs from him and his pictures even get splashed across the front pages of every newspaper!

Essentially, Tanuj is thrust into a journey that is messy, life-changing, but also comical in a way. At the end of it though, it seems like all hope is probably not lost for this poor little kid after all.

Hop along on this chaotic audio ride with Tanuj as he learns to live with his new identity and overcome the hurdles of being a child with ten heads. It's the perfect entertainer for any kids around the ages of 6-12.

And guess what? This fun audio tale is just one of several enchanting stories waiting to be uncovered from Vobble's catalogue of content for children, inviting each of them to immerse themselves in the wonders of the imagination.

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