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Suppandi, the village simpleton who is a cult figure adored by readers of Tinkle comics, now brings laughter and joy to listeners on Vobble, in English and Hindi!

Suppandi, one of Tinkle's most famous characters, made his debut in January 1983 and has been tickling children's funny bones ever since.

Illustrated by Ram Waeerkar, this village simpleton hit iconic status for his hilarious antics and the tragedies that befall him due to his habit of taking everything literally.

There is an enduring appeal in the Suppandi comics that has managed to evoke so much compassion for the character. You know his heart is in the right spot - he tries to hatch up creative solutions only to get things done faster for his boss or to save a buck or two. Unfortunately, his well-meaning efforts tend to blow up in his face all the time, leaving audiences in stitches, but also making them reflect.

Some of you perhaps just see a bit of yourselves in him - there is a sense of relatability in his gaffes that hit close to home. After all, haven’t we also done or said some pretty ludicrous things after misjudging a situation? His slip-ups remind us of our own little moments of embarrassment, making him a figure that both kids and adults alike can connect with.

For kids, all his silly blunders are amusing, with each story offering up pure unadulterated entertainment. At the same time, he is also a symbol of sheer grit. You never see Suppandi give up even as he’s ridiculed and fired from all his jobs.

He stays true to himself through it all, and that's quite refreshing for any adult or child to see. Perhaps we also secretly wish to approach life with the same innocence and enthusiasm as Suppandi?

Either way, Suppandi is a beloved figure in the world of comics and is a kid-favourite. And know what's the cherry on top? The audio version of this iconic show is available on Vobble, making it a perfect source of entertainment for kids aged 7-12.

In other words, let your children listen to Suppandi's timeless series of funny stories so that they can laugh to their heart's content!

And psssst.. you can also find another one of Tinkle's most celebrated characters on Vobble - yes, it's Shambu!

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