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Shambu, a household name amongst Tinkle readers, is the lazy environmentalist who stumbles into daring situations and becomes an accidental hero due to sheer luck. Experience his humorous misadventures on Vobble now.

Created by Vasant Halbe and Luis Fernandes for Tinkle in 1983, Shambu is a character whose mass appeal has come to transcend generations, with kids of today still finding his stories uproarious. 

Whether traversing the meandering jungles or being presented with unforeseen crises, Shambu has some priceless moments that will leave anyone in splits.

As a character, he epitomises the archetype of the reluctant hero—Shambu is just a cowardly environmentalist who would much rather spend his day lounging in a hammock or relaxing. Instead, he is fated to be thrown into the most perilous situations.

The townspeople have no idea the timid and bungling Shambu tries his best to steer clear of trouble as much as he can. However, more often than not, he just automatically winds up in the most heroic and comical settings despite his best efforts.

As luck would have it, Shambu always manages to emerge unscathed from each of these dangerous scenarios, earning him legendary status among villagers for his supposed "bravery."

The show is a blend of humour and adventure, making them perfect stories for kids to enjoy and gifting them a delightful escape into a world that's unfamiliar, but also exhilarating, to them. Shambu, for sure, is a character that effortlessly entertains.

If you’re looking for different ways to reintroduce the best of Shambu's stories to children, you’re in luck! With engrossing storytelling and immersive sound effects, Vobble brings Shambu's world to life through audio, allowing kids to relive his exploits and feel like they're right there with him.

So why don't you let your kid put their feet up and join him on his hair-raising journeys already?—it's a wild ride no child would ever want to miss out on!

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