Night-Time Affirmations: A Calming Bedtime Audio Collection For Kids

Last Updated: 20/May/2024
Night-Time Affirmations: A Calming Bedtime Audio Collection For Kids
The Night-time Affirmations album is a soothing collection of positive affirmations specially curated to create a serene bedtime atmosphere for kids.

How wonderful would it be for your child to go to bed without carrying any stress or negativity from the day? This music album creates that peaceful bedtime environment for them.

Night-time Affirmations on Vobble is a soothing audio collection of positive affirmations designed to create a serene bedtime atmosphere as you child prepares to doze into and get a restful night's sleep. Paired with calming, original music composed by our in-house team, these affirmations are just the perfect dose of peace and tranquility needed for a good night's rest.

After a bustling day of activities and tons of learning, it’s crucial for children to wind down in a positive and reassuring environment as bedtime approaches. This album provides just that, guiding your child through a series of gentle, uplifting statements that promote self-love, confidence, and inner calm through audio.

Why Kids Will Love It

As your child winds down after a busy day, whether it's in their bedroom or cuddled up on the couch with their favourite stuffed animal by their side, listening to these affirmations encourages them to look back on their day with gratitude and optimism for what's to come.

The affirmations are carefully structured to build self-esteem and resilience, reminding children of their worth and capabilities. This nightly ritual helps to create a positive mindset, making bedtime a nurturing and affirming experience.

Furthermore, these soothing melodies, thoughtfully made to lull young listeners into a peaceful slumber, also create a sense of security and well-being, thus inducing much more pleasant dreams and restorative rest.

In essence, they create a cocoon of comfort in a way and make bedtime very inviting for kids.

Why Parents Need This On Their Child's Bedtime Playlist

As you prepare to tuck your child into bed, the simple practice of incorporating an album like Night-time Affirmations into their bedtime routine can result in better sleep, less worry, and give you a happier, more self-assured child.

In addition to creating a positive bedtime routine, our night-time affirmations provide an opportunity for parents and children to connect and unwind together. Listening to this album can become a cherished part of the evening, promoting bonding and relaxation for both of you.

Witness as in the quiet moments before sleep, our affirmations work their magic, speaking directly to your child's heart and soul.

So, if you want to give your kid the gift of a peaceful, positive bedtime experience, Night-time Affirmations is exactly what you're looking for.

Release Date: 11 July, 2023

And it gets even more soothing on Part 2!

Release Date: 19 April, 2024

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