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Mini's Money

Mini's Money
Mini, a five-year-old girl, gets gifted some money on the occasion of Dussehra. As the story unravels, listeners start to wonder what she’ll spend the money on.

This Harper Collins story, brought to life through audio by Vobble, promises a delightful listening experience for children aged 4-7.

Mini, a five-year-old girl, loves collecting money as she enjoys listening to the coins clink when she drops them inside Mangu, her moneypot. On Dussehra however, things take a thrilling turn when she receives money in the form of a crisp pink note from Chitra Maushi, setting off an adventure that would captivate any young listener.

Mini is reluctant to put the note inside Mangu since she wants it to stay untouched and in pristine condition. So she stows it away, saving it for the perfect occasion. Her family is then compelled to wonder what she'll end up spending the money on.

Meanwhile, her brother Manoj uses up all his money to buy toys for himself, which then throws a wrench in his plans for a particularly significant occasion. Yet, Mini's carefully preserved money saves the day, later taking her on an unexpected journey filled with valuable lessons.

This is a heartwarming tale that teaches children about the importance of making thoughtful choices and the beauty of life's unexpected adventures, making it a great addition to your collection of bedtime stories for your kids.

So, tune in to this endearing little story during bedtime and let it whisk your child away into a world of imagination and discovery.

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