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Mini's Books

Mini's Books
Mini is a curious child who is hypnotised by the magical world of books; her newfound fascination is books with quirky monsters in it. Listen on as Mini sets out on an intriguing little adventure.

Mini is enchanted by the fantastical escapades of the monsters in her books and even dreams of being just like them! She devours three monster books and eagerly yearns for more, begging her parents to get 2 more of them for her.

Her fascination with monsters extends beyond the pages of her books - she immerses herself in their world, delving into what they eat, their habits, preferences, even going as far as hunting for the recipe to make monster snacks.

Alas, her world is turned upside down when her books vanish without a trace, leaving her feeling utterly lost! Where on earth could her beloved books have disappeared to?

Last she remembers, she had taken them to the garden. Desperate to solve the mystery, Mini turns into a detective for the day to unravel the mystery and track down her treasured stories. However, in the course of her journey, she ends up forming an unexpected and heartwarming bond with someone who shares her passion for reading.

This story is an absolute delight for children, offering comfort and joy with its mixture of humour, curiosity, and an underlying sense of adventure; young readers will find themselves unable to resist breaking into a smile as they soak up the meaning of friendship and the feeling of community.

Want to be a part of this absorbing audio adventure as Mini tries to work out who is behind the disappearance of her books and ends up discovering how unifying friendship can be?

This engrossing story by Harper Collins, in collaboration with Vobble which brings you its audio version, will make sure that bedtime stories for kids can never be more delightful. So, snuggle up with your kids and let your imagination soar with Mini and her monster books!

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