Love Like That - An Audio Adaptation Of The Endearing Children's Story By Richa Jha

Last Updated: 22/May/2024
Love Like That - An Audio Adaptation Of The Endearing Children's Story By Richa Jha
Allow kids to discover the beauty of parental affection across diverse habitats, and learn valuable lessons about gratitude and acceptance.

The enchanting audio story of Love Like That is an adaptation of the beautifully crafted story by renowned author and publisher, Richa Jha.

The story follows little Kroo the Kangaroo and his loving mother, Mamma Konga, as they travel to various natural habitats around the world.

From the lush forests of China to the arid African deserts, the vast Pacific Ocean, the squishy swamps of the Mississippi, and the icy slopes of Alaska, Kroo is besotted by the multifarious ways in which animal parents show love to their young ones.

Kroo learns about the protective embrace of a mama panda who fiercely guards her baby, the vigilant care of a papa meerkat, the nurturing mama penguin, and the playful rides given by a papa alligator. Each encounter leaves Kroo wondering why his own Mamma doesn’t love him in the same way, leading to a touching revelation that Mamma Konga's love for him is the most special of all.

In this simple, elegantly told story, Richa Jha touches upon the one existential doubt every child’s mind faces at one point or another. The gentle pace of the book is in sharp contrast to the sheer scale of globe-trotting that the Mamma-baby duo are engaged in.

Why Kids Will Love This Gripping Audio Tale

Children will be captivated by the rich and diverse settings as they join Kroo and Mamma Konga on their globetrotting adventure. Love Like That introduces children to the unique parental behaviors of animals such as pandas, meerkats, penguins, and alligators. The vibrant descriptions of each habitat and the fascinating behaviors of different animal parents provide an educational yet entertaining experience.

Kroo’s curiosity and the relatable interactions between him and his mother will resonate with young listeners, developing empathy and understanding about the universal theme of parental love. The story's gentle humor and heartwarming moments will resonate with kids, helping them understand that love comes in many forms.

Additionally, the story touches upon a universal question that many children ponder at some point: "Why doesn't my parent love me like that?" This existential doubt is beautifully addressed, offering comfort and understanding to young minds.

Why Parents Need To Play This Audio Story For Their Kids

Parents will appreciate the gentle, loving message woven throughout this endearing audio story. This story not only highlights the various ways parents show love but also reinforces the idea that every expression of love is unique and special. The narrative encourages children to recognize and value the love they receive from their own parents, fostering gratitude and emotional security.

The calming and soothing nature of the audio format also makes it a perfect bedtime story, helping to create a peaceful and comforting bedtime routine.

Moreover, this story is authored by Richa Jha. As the founder of Pickle Yolk Books, Richa Jha has received numerous prestigious awards in India and internationally, including the Crossword Book Award, Publishing Next Industry Awards, Neev Book Award, Parag Honour List, Comic Con Book Awards, The White Ravens, and the South Asia Book Awards. Her literary contributions have consistently captured the hearts and minds of young readers, and Love Like That is no exception.

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