Dad Jokes: A Heartwarming Audio Series Of Cheesy Dad Jokes

Last Updated: 14/May/2024
Dad Jokes: A Heartwarming Audio Series Of Cheesy Dad Jokes
This heartwarming audio show that explores the endearing dynamic between a father and his daughter through the format of eyeroll-inducing jokes is a listener’s favourite on Vobble.

Excited to hear some bad jokes? Errrr.. we mean dad jokes? Or are they the same thing?

At the heart of this Vobble Original audio show is the timeless tradition of children having to put up with their dad’s cheesy humour, which one would otherwise call as dad jokes.

It draws on the popular archetype of the unconcerned father figure who unhesitatingly embarrasses himself just to tease and annoy his kids.

He does this by whipping out his arsenal of dad jokes—in other words, he tells his children jokes that are so bad that they're funny.

They're meant to be terrible. Ridiculous. They will elicit awkward laughter, some groans, and tons of eyerolls from kids. At the same time, it's hard to deny the sheer simplicity of it that makes it so brilliant. While they're meant to internationally provoke embarrassment, dad jokes are sincere, inoffensive, and also immensely loved by kids.

Several children find comfort and joy in these little shared moments. So, while the daughter in this comedy show initially protests and rolls her eyes at her father’s repertoire of silly jokes, you know that she secretly looks forward to them every day. 

There is clearly a deep bond of love and affection between the two characters, and this audio show attempts to capture the essence of that father-child relationship through a medium that most kids can relate with - humour.

For the same reason, it's an adorable show for kids to listen to around bedtime too.

Like Jim Kalbaugh once wrote in The Gettysburg Times in June 1987, Don't ban the 'Dad' jokes; preserve and revere them". We agree, Jim. We agree.

Release date: 10 July, 2023

There's also a Part 2 for Dad Jokes! Keep them coming!

Release Date: 25 November, 2023

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