Amar Chitra Katha Junior - Level 2: Epic Indian Mythological Stories For Kids Aged 7-9

Last Updated: 07/May/2024
Amar Chitra Katha Junior - Level 2: Epic Indian Mythological Stories For Kids Aged 7-9
The Level 2 ACK Junior audio collection is slightly more advanced than Level 1 and is ideal for children between the ages of 7 and 9 who are looking to expand the vocabulary and develop their language skills.

Amar Chitra Katha is a veritable goldmine for those who love to indulge in stories brimming with mythology, history, elements of magic and the like.

They have a Junior collection too, which provides kids a massive head-start to the bustling world of heritage and culture.

The ACK Junior Level 2 collection is more advanced than Level 1 and is composed of stories perfect for children between the ages of 7 and 9. They are designed to enable kids to build up their vocabulary and strengthen their language skills, while they cultivate a deeper appreciation for storytelling and learning.

One of the stories which feature Hanuman, for instance, is a journey of rediscovery and discipline. Hanuman has many special powers, but he grows up not knowing how to use them properly - he thus ends up drawing the ire of the sages who decide to make him forget his strength until the day someone helps him remember he possesses them.

Kids can also enjoy the tale of Sita as she chances upon a stunning tree— known as the parijata tree—which has thousands of beautiful flowers springing from it. Mesmerised by its beauty, Sita proposes making garlands with its flowers. However, Sita and her cousins face difficulty climbing the tree and picking the flowers. What do they do next?

All these stories draw from rich traditions in Hindu mythology, including epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and ancient religious texts such as the Vedas and Puranas.

By introducing children to these tales, the Level 2 collection grants young learners the opportunity to understand and appreciate the depth of a lot of our heritage and culture. Parents seeking to endow their children with better cultural awareness and knowledge of their history will find this collection a fabulous resource.

Amar Chitra Katha Junior x Vobble: Level 2 Audio Stories

Vobble has partnered up with Amar Chitra Katha to bring children the audio adaptations of these timeless ACK Junior stories.

The audio format enhances the storytelling experience for kids, allowing them to connect with the narratives on a deeper level and experience the magnificence of Indian mythology in full measure.

With the Level 2 audio collection, kids can reap several benefits:

1. Enhances Vocabulary: It familiarises them with new words and phrases, helping refine their diction and language skills.

2. Encourages Critical Thinking: With engaging story arcs and characters, it stimulates problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.

3. Deepens Cultural Awareness: Such stories that are rich in cultural heritage and mythology help children honour different traditions and values.

Release Date: 12 April, 2024

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