Alice & Trippy In Wonderland - A Fresh Take On The Classic Children's Tale

Last Updated: 20/May/2024
Alice & Trippy In Wonderland - A Fresh Take On The Classic Children's Tale
In a peaceful meadow, Alice, a young girl, drifts off to sleep. In her dream, she finds herself chasing a White Rabbit down a mysterious rabbit hole. Thus begins her journey through a fantastical world filled with peculiar and nonsensical creatures.

Curious little Alice is sitting by a riverbank, bored, when out of nowhere, a White Rabbit runs past her. The Rabbit pulls a watch out of his waistcoat pocket while sprinting across the field and then disappears down a hole.

Alice, who is accompanied by Trippy Squirrel, can't resist the impulse to follow the Rabbit. With a mix of excitement and trepidation, she goes after the Rabbit and tumbles down the deep hole that resembles a well. They fall and fall, seemingly forever, with no end in sight. When will it end?

Sounds familiar? This timeless classic has been cherished by generations of kids and remains unforgotten to this day.

Our audio adaptation reintroduces the charming characters and fantastical elements of the original Lewis Carroll tale, while bringing fresh energy and revitalising the experience for both new listeners and those who have loved the story for years.

How will Alice make sense of this topsy-turvy world that defies all logic and reason? We bring our own little imaginative twists and playful reinterpretations as Alice navigates a world filled with wonder and whimsy.

Why Kids Will Love This Audio Adaptation

Young fans of the original Alice in Wonderland story will adore this fresh audio adaptation, as it brings a sense of newness to a tale they already love. The addition of Trippy the Squirrel and other inventive twists injects another burst of fantasy and magic, enhancing the original plot and making it even more mesmerizing.

The audio version takes the experience to an entirely new level, plunging young listeners into the enchanting world of Wonderland. The vivid soundscapes and expressive narration transport children directly into Alice's adventures, making them feel like they are journeying alongside her through the surreal and beautiful landscapes of her dream. The immersive audio design ensures that every moment is filled with wonder, making the adventure a thrilling auditory experience.

In essence, they are taken to a world that feels both familiar and wonderfully new.

Why This Audio Adaptation Will Be A Hit With Parents

Parents will appreciate Alice and Trippy in Wonderland for its ability to captivate their children’s imaginations while introducing them to a literary classic. This version maintains the charm and whimsy of the original while introducing inventive elements that will enchant and captivate children.

The adaptation ensures that both longtime fans and new audiences alike will find something magical in this reimagined journey, as it offers a renewed sense of wonder to a story they already hold dear.

Moreover, the audio format provides a screen-free entertainment option, promoting active listening and enhancing cognitive skills.

Alice & Trippy also make a return with a 2nd season!

Release Date: 4 August, 2023

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